Until 1985, the Renault and Citroen logos were being used by SAIPA. However, due to some changes in its policies and programs and in order to diversify products, it was necessary to have a trademark and to build an independent brand.

Inspired by the traditional tiled tower in the Ilkhanid period, the logo of SAIPA was created, and one of the most important features of this logo is its dimensional harmony with the use of three symmetrical crests arranged with 120 ° angles, capable of change in size and dimension.

At first glance, SAIPA logo seems to be a cogwheel which is a symbol of industry and production. With more precise look, the direction of the crests may suggest a globalization trend and direction of one of the crests upwards may be interpreted as organization approach to align all its talents with its organizational excellence policy. Another way of interpreting may be that the inward direction of peripheral crests indicates the inputs which are raw material, financial and human resources and lead to outputs namely product, profit and services.

This logo was designed by late Morteza Momayez who was inspired by Gonbad Sorkh monument [red dome] in Maraghe city in Iran.

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